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Drunk Driving Defense

Unique Law Requires Special Defense Tactics

Drunk driving defense is a highly specialized area of criminal law. Drunk driving cases are often the most complicated and difficult cases to win. To be successful, an attorney must dedicate years of time and money to learning the science and law behind drunk driving prosecutions.

Specialized Training and Experience are Critical

Unless the attorney you hire makes drunk driving defense a significant portion of his or her practice, and, more importantly, regularly attends trainings and seminars pertaining specifically to drunk driving defense, that attorney may not possess the knowledge to identify and raise the issues necessary to winning your case.

Understanding the science behind the blood or breath test being used against you is crucial to challenging the reliability of that evidence. Likewise, understanding the proper way to conduct standard field sobriety tests is the only way to identify mistakes the arresting officer made.

Attorney Todd Schroeder's Expertise

Attorney Todd Schroeder of Schroeder & Lough is a member of the National College of DUI Defense (NCDD). He regularly communicates with these attorneys -- the nation's best DUI attorneys -- and discusses cutting-edge DUI/OWI defense strategies. Todd Schroeder is one of few Wisconsin attorneys who has completed the NCDD's intensive Summer Session curriculum in DUI Defense Law conducted at the Harvard Law School. Attorney Schroeder also gained unique and invaluable expertise by becoming certified in the administration of Standardized Field Sobriety Testing.

Attorney Schroeder regularly attends seminars and reviews literature focusing on new and innovative ways to challenge blood/breath testing and field sobriety testing. His familiarity with the science behind DUI defense and the firm's long-standing emphasis on honing effective trial skills is a winning combination for drunk driving defense.

La Crosse OWI Attorney Schroeder has dedicated the time and made the investment required to become trained and experienced in this specialized area of the law. As a result, he has won OWI cases that most attorneys would never consider taking to trial. Learn more about Attorney Todd Schroeder's specific training and experience related to OWI defense.

How to Find the Best OWI Lawyer

In searching for the best OWI defense attorney to handle your case, Schroeder & Lough recommends you ask the following questions of defense lawyers:

  1. What percentage of your practice is comprised of drunk driving defense?
  2. Describe some of the drunk driving cases you have won?
  3. What are some ways that you have or will challenge the blood or breath test conducted in my case?
  4. What specific training do you regularly attend to keep up on the science of blood and breath testing?
  5. What organizations are you involved in that promote knowledge and expertise in drunk driving defense strategy and techniques?
  6. What are some of the challenges to field sobriety testing?
  7. What mistakes did the arresting officer in my case make?
  8. Describe the investigation you intend to conduct regarding my arrest?
  9. What are some potential challenges you intend to explore regarding the admissibility of field sobriety testing, blood or breath testing, or my arrest?
  10. What gave the officer reasonable suspicion to stop my vehicle, to conduct an investigation into drunk driving or probable cause to arrest me?

Contact an Experienced La Crosse OWI Attorney

Please feel free to call La Crosse Drunk Driving Attorney Todd Schroeder to set up a consultation to discuss his answers to these questions, and how they relate to your OWI case.

A word of caution: every drunk driving case is different. Attorneys should be able to give you meaningful answers to the questions above. But be wary of predictions and conclusions given at an initial consultation (for example, "this case can be reduced or dismissed" or "this case is a winner/loser"). There are simply no honest conclusions that can be reached regarding any drunk driving case before the lawyer conducts at least a minimal investigation - reviewing the police report, arrest video, blood/breath testing material, and other relevant conditions and facts.

Start Building Your Strategy.

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